Children Of The Earth - giving back to the ones most in need

At MAISONMISAGA we love working with philanthropists that focus on pressing matters close to our hearts. #Giving back to underprivileged communities is one of the four pillars on which we aim to grow our business initiative.

Children Of The Earth is our first and most current project in partnership with The Omena Foundation. This organization was founded on the initiative of OMENA MENSAH, who is its founder and president. The activity of the foundation is based on three pillars: education, tolerance and cooperation. As part of the education backbone, the foundation has already built a school for homeless children in Ghana; “The Kids Haven School”. Isn’t that cool? We just couldn’t resist but to get in touch with such global advocates.  We are pleased to share that we are joining forces for the next #Giving venture to create a fully sustainable playground for children in Ghana. There is nothing more fulfilling than putting a smile on the faces of our children; Children of The Earth. And we all know the childhood is all about learning through play with a heart full of joy.  By joining the #Movement, jumping on the Misaga train and shopping timeless, ethically made pieces; not only are you supporting a sustainable product, but you are also sustaining a mission beyond fair consumerism.  For every product you choose to purchase from we will donate 2EUROS towards this project. That’s right, EVERY product.  Children are our future. Mother Earth is our future. Take action. Stay conscious.  

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