MISAGA.Sustainable Athleisure. About us

Hi & Welcome

We’re MISAGA and this our story:

We are creative collective focusing on everyday premium wardrobe essentials. Our products aim to blend activewear and streetwear, because let’s be real in this day and age athleisure is an aspirational lifestyle, as well as a global phenomenon. & Yes, it is here to stay. We stand for the everyday aesthetic that's comfortable and practical, equipped for whatever the world throws at us, while still remaining cool and stylish. Whether you are dressing for travel, leisure, sport or just staying at home – we have you covered.

We believe that the only fashionably correct way forward is sustainably. MISAGA advocates for fashion-forward vibes that don’t cost the earth. Decisions over here are and will always be made in an eco-friendly manner.

Giving back to local communities is a movement close our hearts. The profits we make will be shared with annual philanthropic organisations; towards projects we take on.

Being in touch with our community is equally important to us. MISAGA wants all unique
individuals sharing our brand’s values to know they are appreciated. That’s why we’ve
created the BRUNCH.

We want to make sure you get this feeling we get while having a Saturday brunch -
a special moment for yourself. It’s a moment to be creative, reconnect with yourself,
meditate or simply forget everything and relax. It’s a moment you deserve in your life every
day. That’s #Brunch way of life. Join our community and get these special moments with
MISAGA. #FromSquatsToBrunchSpots

Join us in our journey.

Let’s look great and do good together.


As the fashion industry embraces greater ecological integrity and social justice, it’s undeniable that consumption and fashion curiosity will not disappear. Therefore, making conscious decisions is the only way to protect our planet and navigate through serious global threats, such as climate change; which we are already tackling. Over here at MISAGA we focus on a modern approach to our manufacturing process, material selections and fair trade regulations without compromising on quality and design.


Our sustainability mission entails all necessary features, that is: materials,
production processes and factory collaborators. With all this in mind, we have created an eco-conscious collective selecting recycled and earth-forward fabrics, paints, biodegradable packaging and responsible production techniques. We have also contracted local businesses with momentum on transparent fair labour conditions and minimal carbon footprint.


Fashion can interweave with social causes and achieve much more than just make people look and feel good. Seeking much beyond sustainability, we want to actively support the global society in need.

From every purchased product 2 EUR will be donated to the current philanthropic movement we are supporting


The merging of “athletic” and “leisure,” refers to our athletic apparel which people can wear in non-athletic settings.

Our clothes will take you from squats to your favourite brunch spots.

What we stand for



Of course we are a business oriented enterprise, but we have not and will not forget about those most in need

We give back 2 EUR from each product we sell to support the global community; that is 2
from every single product not from the total sale



Fashion needs to adjust to the new way of consumption. This also means the evolution of the manufacturing process. Our products are created with smart technology, innovative processes and with the use of as many recyclable & sustainable elements as possible



We always opt for local suppliers and manufacturers to support local businesses and carefully select sustainable means for shipping, packaging, branding, and internationally accepted environmental and human rights standards for responsible production



Our aim is to give our customers fashionable products so they can feel effortlessly stylish and enjoy the true cloud of comfortable with a conscience. Your outfit should be able to stay with you from morning to night and with our designs that becomes reality, regardless of what your day has in store for you


Positive Change

Creating products that not only complement our wardrobes, but our planet too



Our fashion garments promise to outlive the fast-fashion pieces in our current wardrobes, focusing on embracing quality working standards, organic and earth friendly materials, biodegradable packaging, as well as the latest sustainable fibre or production inventions


Low waste

We try to use every single scrap of our textiles and offer the maximum amount of products from the materials we use. This also means we do not overproduce and we limit styles.